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"Where most people see problems, I see potential for advancement and opportunities for innovation."

A Man of Vision & Passion

Every man or woman has a purpose and a calling towards destiny. For Shawn, that purpose is to inspire others to reach their full potential.  He brings to the table a unique life's perspective on family, strength, and courage.  He believes in a leadership style that champions character, integrity, and teamwork and sees obstacles as teachable and defining moments.  He is convinced that it is in those moments that you learn your true abilities and powers.


A powerful advocate of education, Shawn holds double undergraduate degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology (Delta State University), a Master’s Degree in Social Science Education (Delta State University) and a  Doctorate of Education (University of Memphis).  Shawn  sees education as a pathway to endless opportunities and it was this belief that brought him from hauling pulpwood in a small rural town in Mississippi to authorship.

Shawn is particularly passionate about the significance that mentorship can have on communities and the lives of young males.  As a father of three young adult sons, he understands all too well the importance of being a resilient and positive male role model. 

Shawn's life has been filled with both accomplishments and barriers but he has persevered through it all.  Shawn remains humble. Shawn remains focused. Shawn remains determined. Most importantly, Shawn remains hopeful for a brighter future for all.

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