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Speaking & Presenting


A passionate, charismatic orator, it is no surprise that Dr. Shawn C. Mackey has captivated audiences as a speaker and session leader.  With his debut book, Her Battle, My Lessons, Our Journey, he shares a message that is tailor-made for your organization.  The book highlights many topics that will inform and inspire your team.  Subjects include:


  • Motivation

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Cancer’s Unspoken Family Impact

  • Effective Communication

  • Building Champions and Championship Behavior

  • The Magnitude of Faith

  • Covid Exposed It

  • Tragedy to Triumph


His background in leadership, service, education administration, and entrepreneurship ensures that any occasion will be transformed by his ability to connect to the audience, his humor, and his passion as he shares strategies for success. Topics include:


  • Organization Teamwork

  • Strategic Planning

  • Leadership in the Trenches

  • Life Balance that does not Include Work. 

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